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Dale Jr Self Portrait
Updated August 1st 2018

New Chapter

Today is a special day and the start of a new chapter in my photography journey. After a year of photography, the time has come to create my own base camp. This is also going to be my first blog entry on the site. For this entry, I would like to share a little about my web site development journey.


If you have already read my about page, you may notice that I have a heavy interest in technology and specifically, the technologies under the hood of the internet. The world wide web first peaked my interest 20+ years ago and what originally lured me in was web design. Because of this background, I didn’t want to just use another random drag and drop site; I wanted this site to by my own. Something that I can call 100% mine. This took some time.

The Development

The idea of this site started in 2017. From the moment I picked up a camera, this site was on my mind. What will the site look like? What should I include? What would be the focus? All those questions were floating around in my mind.

First thing I designed was the logo. From there, I went through over 9 iterations until I finally chose the design that would ultimately become this site. Now it was time to choose the pages to be included.

I knew the site would have to include an image gallery, after all this is a photography web site. And of course I needed an about page, and a contact page. My major debate was on the 4th section. The site felt like it needed a fourth area but I couldn’t decide on what that should be.

The Blog

After much back and forth on what I should include, I decided on a blog. Here I can freely post my thoughts and write about my adventures in photography. I can also include some gear reviews or even possibly some tutorials. Only time will tell how this section will grow in the future. The goal is to post at least one entry a month.

Future State

This is just the beginning! This site will adapt and grow with me as I move along through my photography journey. Who knows what the future holds but here is to progress!