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Limited Edition Prints

Updated August 21st 2021


Photography is great in the digital world! We can freely share to thousands of people with a swipe of a finger or button click. Yet every now, and again you come across an image that speaks to you and small digital screens just do not meet the mark. I could not agree more.

The next natural progression was to make my images available for print. This produces something tangible and brings the images into the real world.

I have chosen to work with the “Best Photo Lab” in the world for my prints.

Why limited edition prints?

I decided to make prints available as limited editions for two main reasons: motivation and exclusivity. Every image will only be printed a limited number of times. Put simply, this forces me to get out and create more images.

The second reason is for exclusivity. By purchasing these prints, you are supporting me in my endeavors. With that, I wanted to give more than just another photo print. Exclusivity is what makes these prints special. Each print will have a unique serial number and include a certificate of authenticity personally signed by myself.

Limited Edition

The images included in limited edition will only be printed 28 times. Some photographers have a set number per size of print. For example, 150 prints of 30 x 20s and 150 prints of 15 x 10s for a total of 300. This is not the case with myself. There will be only be 25 prints of a particular image available for purchase as part of the edition, the other 3 will be reserved as artist proofs.

With this method of limiting prints, it allows the collectors to determine what size and medium of prints exist within the edition. Maybe the smaller size print is more popular making the larger prints much more exclusive.

Prints will be sold in order, from 1 to 25. As more prints are sold in the edition, the price may increase.

Print Medium

Keeping it simple. With an endless array of print mediums available a choice had to be made. After receiving multiple samples, I have currently settled on two mediums: HD Metal and Fine Art Paper Print. These mediums represented my images in the best way. Additional print mediums or variations of these may be added in the future. If there is a different print medium that strikes your fancy, feel free to contact me.

HD Metal

HD Metal prints are an especially durable premium print which makes them great for shaded outdoors and any areas where moisture is possible. They do look great indoors as well! The metal prints are also very light weight. The mounting rails are included and are ready to hang the moment you receive them.

The process used for creating the Metal prints is State-Of-The-Art. The photo is first printed on transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet pigments then transferred to the special coating using heat and pressure. The process is called thermal sublimation. This method of printing is responsible for the durability and vivid colorful appearance of the image.

The colorful appearance is why I chose the HD metal print as one of my favorites. Nature loves to display its beauty in many different spectacular colors, and I feel this medium does a great job of duplicating that beauty.

Fine Art Print

For the more traditional collectors or those looking for more flexibility when displaying the image, the Fine Art Print is available. The Fire Art Print is unframed and allows the collector to choose how they wish to display the print. The image is printed on Hahnemuhle paper using Epson UltraChrome Pro pigments.

The Epson UltraChrome Pro pigments come in six different colors and three different shades of black allowing all the nuances and every detail to stand out. With the great quality of these pigments, comes long-lasting color that is true to the original.

Hahnemuhle has been producing paper since 1584. They invented fine-art papers for digital print. This is not your average photo paper. Hanemuhlue Fine Art papers are made from 100% cotton or are cellulose-based specially tailored for fine art use.

Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta is the paper that I have chosen for the majority of my prints. The Baryta is bright white with a glossy finish. This gives color depth and crystal-clear definition. If I feel the image is better suited on a different paper type, the collector will be notified.

All of the fine art prints will be created with a white .79 inch border. All of Hahnemuhle Digital FineArt papers are highly resistant to aging for over 100 years.

Fine Art Print Framed

For the most discerning collectors I have included a framed option. Using the same process and paper as the Fine Art Print option but with a museum quality frame. The frame will be a .79 inch traditional black oak with a 1.2 inch bright white passe-partout. White maple is also available upon request.

The Mirograd glass for this frame is truly the center stage. Shatter proof, scratch resistant, easy to clean, and lightweight, the Mirograd glass is a premium museum grade product. In addition, light reflection is reduced to 1% creating virtually no reflection. Even with the reduced light reflection, the glass still allows 99% light transmission onto the print creating wonderful color rendering.

This museum quality frame layout will protect and keep the image looking great for many years and possibly generations. A collector will be able to pass this down to their children, and it will still look like the day it was purchased.


In a world where everything is digital, when bringing my images into the real world, I wanted a truly quality experience. Something that one could not experience looking through a small screen. I do feel these print options provide that experience and live up to my high quality standards.

I thank you for your interest in my Limited Edition prints and if you have any questions, reach out to me personally using any of the methods on the contact page.