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Signature Edition Prints

Updated May 22nd 2022


Photography is great in the digital world! We can freely share our creation to thousands of people with a swipe of a finger or button click. However, there is a lost or shall I say a hidden dimension that was common place not so long ago. For an image to be enjoyed, it had to exist in the physical world. I want to bring that dimension back!

Gaining Full Control

To give my images' life, I have two choices: rely on a digital lab or do it myself. I decided first to outsource but found this was too limiting. Feeling too disconnected from the process and wanting something more hands on I decided to switch gears. I needed more control over the final product and additional options. Plus, the outsourcing costs meant most of my images would never exist in the real world.

By taking the leap and investing in a fine art printer, I have regained control over the entire creative process. In addition to more hands on, this investment allowed me to reduce costs, have unlimited paper options, see results instantly, and produced better prints. These advantages allow me to make my images available to more people much more effectively.

What is a Signature Edition Print?

The Signature Edition is the direct result of me taking control over the printing process. It is an open edition meaning images will not be limited to a particular number but may be discontinued at any time. I decided not to limit the number of prints because I wanted them within reach for everyone to enjoy.

Giclee Fine Art Print

Every fine art print is printed, packed, and shipped completely flat by myself. It comes unframed and allows the purchaser decide how they wish to display the print. The image is printed on 100% cotton paper using Canon Lucia Pro Pigment based ink with a .5 inch white border.

The Paper

I have chosen to exclusively print on 100% cotton rag based paper without optical brighteners. This is for multiple reasons. First the weight and feel, second the environmental impacts, and finally the longevity.

Cotton rag based paper is thicker and heavier than your traditional paper. It comes in multiple finishes or surface types including mat, textured, semi-gloss, and even metallic. I test every image on each type of paper, to find what finish works best for that particular scene. Normally with my images, that tends to be the semi-gloss.

Secondly, due to printing much more, I wanted an environmentally friendly paper. Cotton Rag is made from a waste product produced while creating other cotton goods. This waste product is call cotton linters and would just be disposed of if not used to make paper.

The last point about using cotton rag paper is longevity. In order for a paper to be considered museum quality, it has to be made from cotton and does not contain optical brighteners. These museum quality papers are made to last for 100 years if not more when properly cared for. Plus without optical brighteners, the paper will not yellow over time, preserving the original look of the print.

The Ink

Paper is only half of the equation though. As I mentioned above, these prints use Canon Lucia Pro pigment based ink. Why this particular ink? Again it is all about longevity and color reproduction. With 11 individual colors (including 3 different shade black) and the additional chroma optimizer, combine to create some of the best looking colors of any pigment based ink set. When placed behind UV glass, these inks have also been tested to last over 200 years before any deterioration of image occurs. If interested, you can read about the test here:

The combination of the Lucia Pro based ink and the high quality cotton rag based papers, means these prints are not your average prints. They are fine art quality prints that are made to last for generations.


In a world where everything is digital, when bringing my images into the real world, I wanted a truly quality experience. Something that one could not experience looking through a small screen. I do feel these print options provide that experience and live up to my high quality standards.

I thank you for my interest in my Signature Edition prints and if you have any questions, reach out to me personally using any of the methods on the contact page.